Transmission Repair Vineland, NJ is one of the largest cities in the state, making it essential for your car to be in good repair to get from place to place. Whether you want to watch the local high school sports team or you’re in the mood to head to the theater, we know that problems with your transmission can ruin your entire day.

The transmission is the part of the car that takes the power the engine generates and sends it to your car’s driveshaft. We’ve seen many transmission problems over the years, and transmission repair in Vineland, NJ is one of our specialties.

Here are a few common signs that indicate some sort of issue with your transmission: One of the easiest ways we determine issues with a manual transmission is seeing how easily we can change gears. If there are issues switching from gear to gear, it’s likely there’s transmission trouble.

Unexpectedly low amounts of transmission fluid in your car has us examining the entire system to see if there are any leaks. A leaky transmission may not cause major problems right away, but we’ve found that it has the potential to cause big issues in the future. Another manual transmission issue involves a sticking clutch. If the clutch does not disengage when you remove your foot from it, the transmission grinds and does not allow you to stay in the gear you’re trying to get into.

Old transmission fluid filters won’t keep your transmission fluid as clean and clear as it needs to be. This generally doesn’t have a major impact in the short term, but in the long term it reduces the efficiency of your transmission.

When you run into transmission repair problems in Vineland, NJ, we’re here to help. Transmission issues aren’t as simple as changing your oil or spark plugs, so it’s important to bring in your vehicle to professionals so to find out exactly what’s wrong. We pride ourselves on quick, thorough service that gets right to the root of your car troubles and gets you back on the road.