Every car needs an oil change every three months or three thousand miles. While some synthetic oils will help extend the time between oil changes, the rule of threes is always a good rule to remember. Here at Bob Albrecht Tires and Service we make routine maintenance simple and fast. Make an appointment here for a time that is convenient for you.

Oil changes are one of the most basic services that does the most for your vehicle. If you’re not sure you need an oil change or that sticker fell off your windshield bring your car into the shop and we’ll check your oil and fluid levels for you. Depend on us for your basic services and you’ll see why we’re the right shop for you and your chosen mode of transportation be it truck, car, or SUV.

Auto Lube in Vineland, NJ

Have you checked your dipstick lately? Maintaining your oil levels is more important than you might think. Oil lubricates and protects the moving parts of your engine, reducing heat caused by friction and limiting metal to metal contact which can cause mechanical damage to your vehicle.

Be sure to have your vehicle checked regularly by a professional or if you prefer to change your oil yourself please dispose of your used oil in an environmentally safe manner or bring it by Bob Albrecht Tires and Service and we’ll take that old oil off your hands and double check your vehicle for the most common mistakes made during an oil change. And if you remember, be sure to check your oil when you fill up your gas take and look for any irregularities or inconsistencies in your oil which can be symptoms for much more serious issues.

Fast, friendly and intelligent service is what our customers have come to expect at Bob Albrecht Tires and Service where your family’s safety is our family’s priority.