The constant stop and go of Vineland, New Jersey traffic can put a lot of wear on your brakes. Many people think you only need new brakes once every year or two. When in fact, according to Allstate, a driver that spends an average amount of time on the road should have their brakes changed ever six to 12 months.

Think that’s excessive? A frequent driver should get a thorough brake system evaluation every three months. This means that your car probably needs new brakes right now, as you’re reading this.

How to Tell if Brakes Need Replacing

The above are guidelines for brake replacement, but you can often tell when your brakes need repair by just observing how your car runs. For example, if you hear a scraping noise coming from your wheels, your brakes probably need to be replaced. Another sign of troublesome brakes is feeling vibrations when you press down on your brake pedal to stop your car. Can’t tell? We’ll be more than happy to check your brakes for wear.

What Gets Changed

If you catch the problem early, the pads of your brakes will be the only thing that needs replacing. These are relatively inexpensive and quick to repair. If you wait, however, the damage can become more severe.

Pads are what the brakes press against to cause enough friction to stop your wheels from spinning. Regular use of your breaks wears down the pads, which is normal. If the pads are not replaced, the brakes wear through the pads and damage the drums and/or rotors. These two parts are much more expensive to replace. This is why we recommend getting a thorough brake system evaluation regularly.

Choose a Quality Repair Facility

Not only is it important to get your brakes checked frequently, it is also important to have professionals with years of experience making the repairs. That is why we offer:

  • Brake repair
  • Pad replacement
  • Fluid replacement
  • Caliper replacement

If you are looking for new brakes in Vineland, NJ, Bob Albrecht Tires & Service would be pleased to help you.